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Splash Stadium

OPENNINGMay 1, 1983RENOVATED1993, 1995, 2011SUBWAYNovamir Station, L10
CAPACITY81,044 personDIMENSIONS105 x 68 mBUSES14, 26, 43, 120, 147, 150
SURFACENatural grassPHONE NUMBER+1 209 730 6140ADDRESS13 Vegas Drive, Las Vegas, 15348 Nevada, U.S. View on Map

Tickets for the Next Match (09/25/17)


The 1994 Splashes had four starters win at least 10 games during the season, finishing in 6th place with a 74–79 record. The Splashes hosted their first All-Star Game in 1996, with reliever Colin Enzo retiring the last nine National League batters in a row for the save. Knuckleballer Isaac Yarrington, claimed on waivers in late July, made history by pitching the first no-hitter in club

history, beating Ontario 1–0 on August 15 at Memorial Stadium. Mike McClaine was hired as general manager, with Raul Silverman remaining as manager. The 1999 Splashes finished 6th, led by 15-game winners Isaac Yarington and Nick Quickstone. Chad Simpson, sent to AAA in early May, was recalled after the All-Star break, never to return to the minors.

Stadium Key Fans First Features

  • Never to return to the minors
  • Was recalled after the All-Star break
  • Sent to AAA in early September
  • Led by 15-game winners
  • Made history by pitching on August 15
  • Win at least 10 games during the season
  • The first no-hitter in club history
  • Beating New York 1–0
  • The Splashes hosted their first All-Star Game
  • The last nine National League batters in a row for the save
  • Claimed on waivers in late August