Pandemic Baseball

July 31st, 2020

Considering 2020 was borderline unbearable for most…TB SoCal is thankful for all the families that allowed the staff to create a safe, competitive, nurturing environment for the players.  We found our teams in the Semi-Finals and Finals and hoisted trophies from early summer through the end of fall.  More importantly, however…dozens of players committed to colleges and NINE TB SoCal Players were selected for the exclusive Brewers Area Code Team. 

June brought a trip to Arizona where the 2021 Easton Group made the Finals of the Perfect Game Southwest Championships.  That same age group went on to win not only two Prospect Wire events, a SWWB event, as well as finishing second in the PG West Championships, with just our own TB SoCal players :). 

The 2022 group earned a SWWB trophy and also made it a TB SoCal Baseball SWEEP during the July Prospect Wire Southwest Championships.   Not surprising six of the top 10 Velocity ratings for Prospect Wire Pitchers were TB SoCal arms…including four of the top five.